Distribution & Warehouses

An AGVs system is an excellent solution for distribution centres and warehouses. The AGVs can operate 24/7, reduces delivery waiting times and ensures a constant supply of materials delivered to your processes. With an accuracy of +/-3 mm and an optimized workflow, your materials are delivered in the right place at the right time and in good condition.

    Forklift AGVs storing pallets.                                             Carrier AGVs delivering materials when needed.

The software in our AGV system is easy to use and provides a good overview of your system. 
In addition you can get status reports, workflow charts, graphical tracking, traffic optimization, AGV diagnostics etc. 

We offer a complete Warehouse Management System or configuration to existing business systems. 
Our system can also communicate with cranes, shuttles, i/o signals, PLCs and more.


Please use our Quotation Form for more information on which AGV system that suits your specific needs.