Service & Maintenance
As with all electro-mechanical machinery preventative maintenance will keep your equipment in top
condition and provide the maximum system availability and best return on investment. As an option we can offer a reduced price on a service contract. This is to ensure the performance of the AGV is at its best.

Spare Parts
You can always order your spare parts from us. Either place your order by phone or by email and we will deliver your items as soon as possible. You can call us anytime during office hours. In case we should miss your call, or if you want to reach us after office hours, please send us an email and we will call or email you back as soon as we can. 

AGV Training
Training is provided as standard for those members of staff who will operate the facility and equipment after take-over. With time however you may want to extend your knowledge about your AGV system. Maybe you would like to know how to solve more advanced problems on your own, or you have new staff members who need training. In that case, please contact us for a suitable education plan.


Renovation and Retrofit
Even though AGVs generally have quite a long life expectancy these will, just as all electro-mechanical machinery, unfortunately deteriorate with time. Thus, as an owner of an AGV system there will eventually come a time when you find that your old machinery can no longer keep up the same performance level as before. At this point, it may be time for an AGV Renovation and/or Retrofit.

 AGV Renovation and Retrofit are two options offered by our service division and can roughly be described as an upgrade of your existing AGVs. This can be a cost efficient solution which can extend the life time of your AGV system with another 10-15 years. Thus, before throwing out your old AGVs, please contact us for a discussion of what can be done to your current AGV system. 

                                          Before and after Renovation & Retrofit